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Get further insights about the accounting and tax services offered by J H Brands & Associates LLC in Chicago, IL. Read through this page to learn more about what we do. We have compiled various testimonials from previous clients for your reference.


Jeff D, Senior Health Care Consultant, Evans, GA

“I have worked with John since 2006. He is a detail oriented professional that watches the balance sheet for my company and delivers great results. He has helped my business run more efficiently and be more profitable. I would recommend John to any company that is in need of a financial professional to oversee their finances and run a better business in this tough economy.”

Francia M., Dentist, Detroit, MI


“I have known John Brands for many years. As a dentist, I am pretty good with my hands, but terrible with my finances. Mr. Brands has provided me with invaluable financial advice that has helped me dig myself out of the worst financial situations. I could not think about trusting anybody else. He is my No. 1 and only accountant.”

Steve S., Business Owner, Carrollton, TX

“I initially hired John as my personal accountant and had excellent results. When my wife and I incorporated, he was instrumental in getting the financial end of the business set up. He now handles both our personal and corporate tax matters. John is very professional, personable, and trustworthy."

Nicole R., Professional Photographer, Chicago, IL

“I first hired John to do our taxes when we had some past issues; He dealt with all the problems and gave good advice on dealing with other issues. His team is fast, efficient, and has a good price. I’ve been so happy with their services; I’ve had them do our past 3 years of taxes.”

Ryan R., IT Consultant, New York, NY

“John came highly recommended to me from people I care about and trust. He is a tax miracle worker who has saved me an incredible amount of money and stress. John has invaluable wisdom about the IRS and the tax process that has gotten me out of some tight spots. He also works extremely quickly. I continue to be deeply impressed with the attention and quick turnaround I receive from him. He consistently follows up with me, and he has made my tax operations easier than I expected they could be. If you want to save money on your taxes quickly and properly, John is your man.”

Nina S., Business Owner, Carrollton, TX

“John exemplifies professionalism when interacting with clients and handling their tax situations. John was very diligent, respectful, and punctual in handling the details of my very complex tax issue. I am so very glad that I found his advertisement and that he was able to put an end to my tax worries. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is in need of an EXCELLENT accountant. I am forever grateful!"

Kathryn R., Administrative Support, Chicago, IL

“It is my pleasure to recommend John who has been my tax consultant since 2007. John’s expertise lies in his ability to effectively interact with clients, identify and resolve complex accounting issues, and develop innovative solutions for achieving a wide range of financial management objectives. I would entrust him without reservation.”

Jennifer K., Freelance Writer/Editor, Chicago, lL

“As a new-to-Chicago freelance writer/editor, I hired John Brands as my tax accountant in 2008 (for my 2007 return). He was friendly, highly responsive, and prompt. When I first met him at his office very shortly after he received all my tax documents by mail, he had prepared all my tax forms and had everything waiting for me. He went through the forms with me and explained how he had prepared them, and gave me some related business and accounting advice. He was personable and efficient, and I was pleased to learn that his rate is lower than what I was paying in a different state! I think he offers a very good value and I recommend him for tax preparation and related services. I will be visiting him again this year and for years to come, I’m sure.”

Jerome L., Artist, Chevy Chase, MD

“The scariest thing you can do is go to an unknown dentist or car repair shop. The second is hiring a tax CPA online or over the phone. John immediately soothed my fears, made my life really peaceful, and solved my problems and anxious moments with the IRS. Not only is he great, but his staff is really remarkable, reliable, and totally competent in dealing with the IRS. They provided solid, creative solutions.”

Adrienne C., Professional Engineer, Grand Prairie, TX

“John brings the broadest wealth of experience in preparing, defending, and negotiating tax issues with the IRS. John also takes the time to ensure that his clients are given the best quality service and personally follows up to provide conscientious and periodic review to see if any conditions have changed over time.”

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